Dear Rabbi Malka,

Thank you so much for conducting the Brit Milah for our son Michael.  You made everyone feel at ease at the ceremony.  Thanks also for coming to our house afterwards, really appreciate your follow up.
Amy and Ron Josephson

Dear Rabbi Malka-

With the utmost gratitude we send you the following; it’s a small measure of an appreciation for the great kindness and wonderful skill you brought as we entered our son into clal Israel.
Many many thanks,
Yael & Donald Kane

Dear Rabbi Malka,

Thank you again for performing the Brit Milah for our son Jared on November 18, as well as all the follow up care, phone calls and visit to check on him.  We are deeply appreciative.  He is doing well, eating well, and thriving, now over eight pounds.  Many friends commented to us that they found the ceremony very moving.  Isabel is doing very well too, and thankful she did not require your services!
With best wishes, Sincerely,
Dvora, Bob, Jared Karl, and Isabel Eva Johnson

Dear Rabbi Malka,

Thank you so much for sharing with us in this beautiful Simcha, for caring for our son, bringing him into the Jewish faith, and welcoming him to the world.  We are truly blessed,
Lisa & Dovid Arber.

Dear Rabbi Malka

Our belated but sincere thanks for the wonderful Brit ceremony you conducted, your expertise & skill was quite evident by our son’s quick healing and the very brief bout of discomfort.  I am also so appreciative of your warm and flexible disposition, your warmth, humor, and knowledge made the ceremony meaningful to everyone who attended, most of whom had never been to a brit before.  On such a wonderful note.
Our deepest thanks and our wishes to you and your family for a happy New Year.
With appreciation,
Belinda Frankel, Karl Begley & Alexander

Dear Rabbi Malka,
About three years ago, you took care of our newborn son, and we never forgot how wonderful you were.  We wish you a happy New Year and hope that you enjoy good health and Happiness.
Nancy and Dave Samson


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