The ideal time to call the mohel is immediately after the birth, or as early as possible, so that he can know the general health of the baby, and become aware of any negative medical circumstances which might delay the performance of the brit on time, thus enabling the parents to prepare for a postponement of the date of the brit if necessary.

It is very important to inform the mohel of anything unusual in the baby’s health from the moment of his birth until the day of the brit. Any change, such as an occurrence of fever even if it became normal after the one time, lack of appetite, secretions from the eyes, paleness and apathy, even if the parents are told in the hospital that there is no deterrent to a brit on time, should be reported to the mohel, as well as showing him the release papers from the hospital.

It is imperative that the mohel be advised of any genetic family medical issue such as hemophilia, or clotting problems.


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