In addition to being a religious officiant, the mohel is a specialist in his field. Many physicians call mohalim for the Brit Milah of their own sons. The surgery involved is simple and safe and any reputable mohel is competent and highly qualified to perform a Brit Milah.

It is noteworthy that in following the tradition of the Royal House of England – which requires circumcision of all male children, it was the Jewish Mohel of London rather than the Royal Physician who was called to circumcise the son of Princess Elizabeth:

Crown Prince Charles Circumcised by London Mohel London (JTA) – Crown Prince Charles, son of Princess Elizabeth and heir to the British throne, was circumcised in Buckingham Palace by Rev. Jacob Snowman, official Mohel of the London Jewish community, the Mizrachi News Bureau reported.  Rev. Snowman, who is a noted Jewish scholar specializing in the poetry of Bialik, has been ritual circumciser in London for many years.


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