The circumcision of a normal, healthy child must be held on the eighth day after his birth, even if that day be a Sabbath or holiday, even the day of Yom Kippur (never sooner.) If the child is delivered by Cesarean operation, however, the Brit may not be held on a Sabbath or holiday. Postponement for convenience or for any reason other than health of a child is a violation of the Jewish Law.

If there is the slightest possibility of danger to the child, the Brit MUST be postponed until such time as all signs of danger subside. A postponed Brit, however, may not take place on a Sabbath or a holiday.

The Brit may be held only during the daytime. Circumcision can take place at home, synagogue or social halls with complete safety.

A Minyan, a quorum of ten men, while preferable, is not required.


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