Rabbi Raphael Malka was certified as a mohel in London, England, where he also received his ordination from Torat Emet Talmudical College.  In addition to being a rabbi, sofer, and mohel, he is active in the field of education at all levels.

Rabbi Malka has traveled throughout the world to perform “britei milah” on adults and young children, as well as infants.  He practices in the Maryland, DC and Virginia vicinities.

Rabbi Malka uses only sterilized stainless steel disposable instruments specially made-to-order for him.  He practices the most modern methods of sterilization prior to the brit, and provides the parents with an after-care kit including detailed instructions.  He follows up with phone calls and/or home visits, and welcomes questions from parents day or night.

Rabbi Malka is highly recommended by rabbis, physicians, nurses, and, of course, satisfied parents.

The Brit Milah is a happy occasion, full of the beauty and sanctity of Jewish tradition.  For complete details regarding all aspects of the ceremony of circumcision and its participants, including the role of the father, contact:


11409 Rockbridge Road
Silver Spring, Maryland 20902
(301) 649-3042 or (240) 273-2299
Fax: (301) 649-7832

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